Switch 'N' Shoot is available now!

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The next arcade classic is here.

Switch 'N' Shoot is a score-based arcade shoot 'em up with a twist...
ONE BUTTON fires your weapon but switches your direction at the same time!

This simple rule forces you to think on your feet and time your shots carefully. One misplaced shot and you're space-toast.

Switch 'N' Shoot is small and simple... fast and challenging... and annoyingly addictive. Your run can be over in mere seconds, but you can instantly jump straight back in for another go. Work your way up the leaderboards, learn to Hyperdrive, and take the fight to the invading Incubators!

A proven earner.

Switch 'N' Shoot has attracted huge crowds at trade shows, arcades, bars, and beer halls. No matter where it goes, quarters follow! "Addictive" is the most common word we hear when people talk about playing Switch 'N' Shoot.

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Only $2,950

Less than half the price of any other indie arcade on the market. Shipping is available to nearly anywhere in the United States for less than $300.

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